What cancer has taught me!!

It is hard to think that a disease as debilitating as cancer could teach a person anything, but maybe hate.
1)The very first thing cancer teaches you to do is lie....not those little white/ black lies... Not the dog ate my home work or the no sweetheart you don't look fat in that dress. No cancer teaches you how to look someone in the eye and boldly say your OK . to hide the duct tape you use to hold your self and your spirit together daily ( totally a metaphor).
2)Cancer teaches you to smile, take a deep breath and say your good.
But to be fair to cancer it has also taught me some positives
along our journey.
3)Cancer has taught me God Yahweh's grace, the pure joy of his words.
4)Cancer has taught me to seek Yahweh daily , and not just in the forms I felt comfortable in, and not just when I needed him but every single second , good or bad.
5)Cancer has taught me to be OK with a day off.
6)Cancer taught me to enjoy the here and now.
7) Cancer has taught me to never take a person or day for granted.
8) Cancer has taught me to treasure friendships in a way I never did.
9) Cancer has taught me to slow down.
10) And last but not least Cancer has taught me not to put off what God has put on my heart for tomorrow. I don't wait to tell my children I love them or send a text to a friend.
Cancer has taught me to truly stop and smell a rose.


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