Let's talk about lunch...

I enjoy every part of homeschooling my children,  but having to do lunches every day.  Doing lunches everyday is the one time I want to pull my hair out and find the nearest public school.  I believe in structure and daily schedules in my house, I believe that it helps keep things in order.  Schedules allow everyone even my two year old know what to expect daily. So it's five minutes to noon and my little ones like clock worth are all calling lunch.  I wish there was a cafeteria that would  magically open daily at these times and take care of the meals and the mess.  But have you seen school lunches lately, or should I say what they call school lunches most barely seem like food.  So that fleeting thought only last a second.  Most home school mothers including my self look for quick easy meals, easy to make and easy to clean up.  Here is an example of my own lunch menu.   I try to serve Nutritious meals but I don't know how " Nutritious" they really are but my children are healthy and happy little people, and I feel no guilt from what I serve them.
Here is a weeks Menu:
1)  Fruit Salad ( topped with nuts and honey   or  Chopped Salad with veggies
2) Left over white / brown rice mix in your choice of steamed veggies add 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce or more  to your taste.   Or  Top Ramen noodles or left over pasta if you have some.   If your using ramen pour off extra water and mix in your choice of  steamed veggies (personally I don't  use the pre seasoned packages that come with top Ramen due to it's MSG content) add seasoning.  If your child/  children are not allergic to eggs sever with either versions.
3) Hummus, pita bread with veggies    or  Cheese cubed, veggies and crackers
4) Almond Butter / Cashew butter/ Peanut butter with jelly sandwiches  serve with fruit slices apple or pear
5) Tortilla chips / topped with beans of your choice , cheese topped with lettuce and sour cream / salsa  or Flour tortilla with dained black beans with cheese  (I serve these wrapped tight or I punt in the oven for 10 min serve with sour cream and salsa.
6) Baked potatoes with topping I have on hand
7) Baked grill cheese spray both sides with butter spray or with olive oil and bake until golden brown about 15 minutes.


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