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Homeschooling sounds like a huge word, it can be kind of scary, at first Homeschooling can seem like a really big under taking.   It does become easier, and if you have a plan it can be less of a scary step.  It becomes easier if you make that list before hand,  but if your like me it might not come until much later,
I will share my list with you so that you will at least have an example as  you make your own list.
1)Think about your family culture;
Understand that a lot of your time will be centered around helping your child to manage his/ her own learning. this is called Project  Based Homeschooling .  Through this type of learning you'll be helping your child become independent learners, learning to take more responsibility and explore their different talents and interest.
With the decision to home school you'll see how every choice, every step you make will matter, it does matter.  You'll rethink and realign your deepest values.  I made a list of what I wanted my children to walk away with.  Homeschooling is about living your values bring them to life    I had to really think about what was important to my husband and I  now it the time for you to think and compile your own list.
2) Design your homeschooling Life;
One of the main part of your homeschool life will break down to where you teach, your class room.  When I first started homeschooling I knew a about setting up a class room or educational  environment space.  I understood how a space could impact how my child learns, how my class room needed to help me reach my goal of educating my children.  I had to set up my space so that it encourages my children growth.  so that they were able to be their best.  My space should develop them into being independent thinkers, engaged learners and excited students.   This space had to allow for my childrens goals to be reached, but most  importantly my class room had to be a supportive place for them to grow.
3) The abundance of Learning ;
I use to go out and each year buy a lot of stuff pens. papers, markers you name it I would go buy it.   I thought it was going to help me become more organized.  Over time what I found was that it really made me more   disorganized.  What I saw was at the end of the year I had forgotten about most of what I have put together, I was always on edge of the mess that children would cause with the markers and different things. Now I buy just enough for each child and I encourage them to work and use every thing,
4) Journal, journal, journal;
I want to remember everything every minute.  I want to remember their thoughts and ideas and my memory is just not enough.   When I started homeschooling I started keeping a journal so that I can go back a remember their dreams and their hopes and see how much they have grown.
5) Levels of learning;
How children learn in a homeschool environment should come in three phases or levels, they are as follows.
a) Primary; This is where a child is allowed to learn a topic at their own pace
b) Secondary; This phase of learning is about allowing the children to acquire the skills needed to learn and progress through their lessons and                        development.
c) Tertiary; At this stage the child will be learning about different subjects, they will be working on making decisions, working on a schedule, all on              their own.  In this phase they also should be able to share what they have learned with others.

This is just a small part of the list next blog we will talk about Projects, Supporting our children, Helping our children go to the surface of learning, How to get younger children on project learning, and how to keep older children on target.


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