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Already Taken Care of !!

Sorry I have been missing.  Well not missing just living and at times it feels like  I am a bystander in my own life.  My son started college in August and life has been a little overwhelming.  It is easy to say that we understand that God has a plan that nothing happens by chance but it is another thing to put faith into action.

I read Exodus 16:4 again and it reads Then the Lord said to Moses behold, I am about to rain bread
from heaven for you and the people of Israel , gather a days worth only every day.

As moms our Brains never seem to stop,  we are always on.  It's in our nature to take care of everyone and everything, to worry even if we know better.  As the Israelite's we can be drawn to the what if;s instead of the here and now.  Due to worry we might be tempted to take more than we need out of fear of not having enough.   We pull time and energy from projects, from reading the word from devotions and from ourselves.  To worry about things that God has promised to tak…