My struggling Reader!

So I've taken full ownership of my struggle (as I am sure many of you have), I wear it like a badge of shame a ugly cape for a very unsuccessful super hero.  I believe it is my fault that my daughter is not reading yet that at 8 she is not a strong reader.  I truly believe that there must have been something I could have done to help her get it better,  I go back and forth with the fact that maybe if she was in school with a real teacher helping her she would be a strong reader by now,,, I read somewhere the other day that "Struggle" shows that something is going on....Me being me I went and looked up the word struggle with new eyes..
Struggle is a verb
It implies action
It implies effort
It implies giving all you've got.
So I've come to understand that what this word means for me is that I'm not growing comfortable, that good enough is not enough for me.  That I am moving forward....  I am going to let up on myself and understand that eventually she will be a reader, just as her sisters and brothers before her.


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