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Hello, my name is Qetsiyah but everyone calls me Que. Welcome to my humbly inspired blog. I truly believe that there’s nothing about me that is very interesting. I am just a woman with a lot of children and a lot to say. I have my Doctorate in family counseling and have had the pleasure of working in foster care for many years, God has also blessed me to have the opportunity to teach.  So a little about myself,  may ask.why I don't use the title Dr. which I have worked very hard to get. Well I use to, my title was what I used to open doors and make ways for myself, God showed me other wise and now only business associate's and close friends know that by degree I am a Doctor.  So more about me and my crazy life I have been blessed to live,  I have 11 children 6 boys 5 girls, my children range in ages from 5/ 28. I have been homeschooling for the past 22 years. So that you’ll know the tribe let me introduce them to you. Mawshal 28 Qadash 27 Bethsheba 26 Thamar 25 Aaron 25 Eliyah 18 Zachariyah 14 Yesheyahu 12 (Yeshe) Aniyah 8 Shemayah 7 (Shem) Amaziyah 5(Ami) . AMy blog will be about my life, children, food, faith and of course homeschooling. Join me daily for the adventure in my home and a life that never stops. Don’t miss any of my post! Follow me so that you won’t miss a second….


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