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As we continue on our topic of a healthy happy marriage and relationship our next key is the foundation to everything else. Communication, Communicate well talk about things everything the good and the bad. build your trust because once you lose trust in each other you'll never get it back and to do so will take a lot of work to rebuild the foundation. be honest, be truthful, be faithful, and be there for each other no matter what.make time for each other. marriage is a lot of work and you won't always be happy but wake up Daily asking what you can do today  tob make it better than the day before.  If you are continually doing things that offending or hurt your partner you have to be honest and ask yourself are you ready for a true relationship! Relationships are based on alot of give and take and compromise. If we want to speak biblically there are a hundred of different scriptures that I can give you about the martiage relationship that must be preserved between a husband an…

Is your Marriage in Trouble?? (Here are some clues)

A few weeks ago my husband and I had to take a class for a up coming temporyary custody case for our grandson.... Through the class the teacher spoke alot about how children deal with loss and divorce,  Although my marriage is not nearly at the divorce spot, tjere is always room for improvement in anything you do,  As a counselor for many years I know what I would say to a client if I were setting with them...... For me and my interpersonal relationship, those words don't always come as easy.  I wanted to share with you some signs of how a marriage might look if it is in trouble, giving you a fighting chance to give each other a life jacket.

I wish I could say that serious marriage problems happen overnight;  but they don't, they  creep up on couples gradually. And shockingly, research shows that, on average, people live in misery for six years or longer before seeking help, way to long if you are the one going through it.....

Furthermore, most couples who end up leaving thei…


As mothers, wives, sisters and friends there is
no question that our fast paced lives can leave us
feeling exhausted and depleted.  We must understand that
there is a season for everything.  Each one of our seasons can leave us
wondering how we're going to make it though
just one more day.  Unfortunately our seasons don't
work like earthly seasons every three our four months.
No our seasons come daily. weekly,  or monthly.  Each day we all find ourselves in a new
season to care for a crying child, a season to pray for or with a friend.
Through these seasons we need wisdom to know when to shoulder a certain season alone, when to delegate, and 
when to call on the Lord an cast our burden on him.
I'm sure each of us has had a day or time where we just had to have a good cry, wash our
face and move on in what ever season we are in at the time.  Understanding  that this season
at this time we must bare alone.  While at other times when were burdened beyond belief
a friend will…

Picking the best curriculum for your family!

Home schooling might look like the best plan ever for your family.  Until you start to look at and for curriculum, then you might start to feel more like a fish out of water than a educator.  There are so many choices out there to pick from, and it can be very overwhelming. Like many parents  I began to feel out of  my depth with the seemingly endless supply of home schooling resources available. But if you're stepping into the home school arena, you don't have to be intimidated. With a little preparation, you can find the curriculum that is a perfect fit for your family, I did! Know your FoundationThe best curriculum for your children will be the one that aligns with your family's purpose for home schooling. Perhaps your  key values, political worldview, schedule and expected outcome should play a significant role in your decision. One of the best ways to avoid getting sidetracked from your initial purpose is to write an academic mission statement that you can reference as…

Marriage Lesson 2 !

In every marriage there comes a time where life is just running on routine the same old same old.... I am here to tell you with work a flame can and will come alive again! In lesson two we will talk about how to get the home fires burning again!!! Enjoy Can the Flame Burn Again? Some may feel like the romance and excitement is long gone in their marriage. They stay together for convenience or for the sake of the children or other family members. But, as the well-known song asks, "Where is the love?" Can my marriage really be happy? Proverbs 5:18-19
Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth.
As a loving deer and a graceful doe, let her breasts satisfy you at all times; and always be enraptured with her love. Ecclesiastes 9:9
Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of your vain life which He has given you under the sun, all your days of vanity; for that is your portion in life, and in the labor which you perform under the sun. Yes, yo…

Marriage Lessson 1

As a counselor by profession I want to use my blog for things that are close to my heart, I want it to be a place that offers help and information.  Most that follow me know that homeschooling is at the top of that list but in all honesty so is having healthy, happy relationships.  Weekly I am going to try to share a new aspect of relationship building so that you can have it if you want!  My prayer is that it might bless you or someone!
Lesson 1:
God Must Be Involved in Your Marriage For a marriage to be happy and successful for life, the husband and wife must include God as a partner in their marriage. They must acknowledge God as Supreme in their lives and together yield to what God instructs in the Bible about marriage. The marriage will fail if it is based on self-gratification and pleasure. Is God really involved in marriage? Malachi 2:14
Yet you say, "For what reason?" Because the Lord has been witness between you and the wife of your youth, with whom you have dealt tr…


I had the pleasure to go with our churcha as a group to see this movie! OMG is all I can say.....This is not your regular God based spiritual movie.  Now don't get me wrong it is very, very spritual and oh does it speak of Gods ability to change things through prayer!  What it does so wonderfully is use humor and real life issues to show God. This movie talked to me in such manners,  I left wanting all my friends to see this well written script.  I also left wanting a war room!   I have put the ad for this movie below. If you have not seen this move take your husband and make it a date night you will not regret it!!

Prayer is a powerful weapon.” The Kendrick brothers, who brought you “Fireproof” and “Courageous,” are back with a new theme to their film ministry: prayer. Their latest venture is called “War Room.” This drama posits that prayer is a battlefield. It tells the story of Tony and Elizabeth Jordan. They have all the material possessions of a successful family. Tony (T.C. …
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Home school Class Rooms!!

I have been homeschooling for such a long time, and when I started having a homeschool class room was not on my list.  Over the years and as my need of organization increased it has become a need in my home.  What I have learned is that  creating a homeschool class room isn’t that hard.   To be   honest if your not like me and your child have constant projects, all you need is a place to write and a place to keep the books.  With that being said, I’ve learned over the years how to create a great homeschooling space.  With many fails and a lot of trial and error.   Creating a learning inspired classroom is really simple.   When I first started homeschooling we were living in California in a small home.  My bright ideal was to use a back storage area, my mistake was it was to small.  We all felt like we were on top of each other and it was stuffy in the summer and freezing in the winter.  Half way through and with the pure need for peace I moved us all to the kitchen table, we all were a…

Getting it together!

If you are like me I can become overwhelmed fast as I try to get things ready for the new year. It helps if I can take a few moments to do something out side my set up class room such as reading, or prayer this helps me to rediscover my goals and feel more in control of my life and my school schedule. There are times that I feel as if I have homeschool under control but my house is being attached by baby giants and starts to take on a life of its own.  But I have friends who’s homes are always spotless never a plate out of place, but they can’t seem to get on top of lesson plans and school goals and schedules are not a part of their school.  What I have learned over the years is that Homeschool families are all the same: drowning in a sea of clutter! I have also started to understand that organization isnotabout an immaculate house or quintessential neatness. There is not any one best way to organize.Organization is a means offunctioning effectivelyand efficiently, and you must find w…

Crock Pot Meals!!

As a homeschool mom I am always looking for ways to save or free some time up!  So when I saw this I was like ok I have to share! I am so doing this! One day prep and meal for a month sounds so good to me.   I am in love with my crock pot any way so why not make it an affair that allows me to have more time with my family!  I am sharing these two amazing womens posts ...  For my family size I have to double up on some of the amounts!  I also change all the pork to beef or chicken for my family because we eat no pork.

40 Meals in 4 Hours Crockpot Slow Cooker Freezer Cooking 1)
Freezer cooking! Have you heard about this? You spend one day preparing meals for the month to keep in your freezer so you don’t have to think about it later. The meals can either be fully cooked and just need to be warmed or they can be raw & placed into your slow cooker,  all prepped and ready to go when you need them. It saves time, money, and your …