Homeschooling Amaziyah !!!

I made a statement on facebook yesterday that homeschooling my youngest son Amaziyah is about as hard as herding cats! ( No Joke) Amaziyah (Ami)  is such a strong willed child .  I use to ask my self  what I had did to be blessed with such a strong willed child . Ami sincerely believes that the world was created for him and revolves around him.  It took me a while to understand that this was just Ami and he was born this way.  I truly believe that most strong willed children like Ami grow uo to be natural born leaders. I guess I can't complain much  because I was the same way, I had an extra dose of well everything.  Ami is made of the same thread.  He has always had an extra dose of confidence and vision, but oh my God combine those two things with his age, lack of wisdom, experience and understanding and most days i have the perfect melt down or major storm depending on the day and time. 

The funny thing is he truly does believe that he has everything under control and all fig…
My loves and my heart beats....  Children and Grands

Dolls not just child's play!!

My daughter Aniyah loves dolls, all kind of dolls. We all know as parents  child development, and playtime are seriousand they go hand in hand.   I don't know about you but I love to see how my daughters imagination and personality come's through as she plays with her dolls.  
When my daughter is wrapping her doll in her “favorite” blanket, or dressing her doll for day care, or playing like her doll is her daughter and is having to get ready for bed I see both an act of imaginative play and also a  practice run at real life, human understanding and true outward kindness.  The love for dolls by little girls can be seen across cultures and is likely the ultimately reason why dolls are a global phenomenon.( Barbie will never die only evolve)  

When I hear my daughter in her room playing with her dolls and even before she has said a word to me or her father .....I can tell how her day has gone, just by the interactive play from her room with her dolls. Children use toys to recreate …

Loving the Silence

I tell my children daily that there is no such thing as a child of Yahweh being spiritually deaf.  Even the unsaved have the ability to hear Yahweh if they want.  This has been my deepest struggle for many years, and I  wanted to keep this from being a major obstacle for my children as they grow in their walk with the lord. I wanted them to learn early on that the Lords voice is small, tender and we must at times be silent to hear his direction. When I was in college I learned to work in in noise, even as a mother I learn to function in ear shattering noise, But unlike college or my very active house to hear God peace and quiet is a must.

To hear God we must prepare our hearts and as mother's this has to be in our lesson plans for our children. We have to teach them to allow Yahweh to speak to us and through us. God uses each of us and yes he even uses our children (shocker right) .

Hearing God speak is not always natural  and if were having a hard time believe me our sweet littl…

Changing Who?

Have you ever felt like a failure in your marriage.?  How has your husband failed you? How have you failed your husband ?  How have you failed yourself?  How does grace and faith change things?

So today let us look inward and ask our selves some very difficult questions.  List 1 thing you love about your husband,  Has your husband made a life choice that has been hard for you to live with?

How does remembering what true love is help you in tough time?   Over the life of our very long marriage there have been many times that I have been very frustrated with alot of my husbands actions.  I truly believed at major hard times in our marriage that if I prayed hard enough, long enough, I would change my husband.  Well after 28 years of marriage I can tell you many things haven't changed. 
Does that mean that my prayer different work? No not at all.....Over the years more than once I thought I could feel, hear God telling me that it was not me that would change him....But if willing God…

Pictures of Cancer


Homeschooling and Cancer!!

So I have been off for a few months...  First thank you to the many visitors that came by my humble blog.... It makes me happy to see that people are still reading and sharing....  So lets talk about my Life and Faith.  Because my faith and life are so intertwined we can't talk about one without  talking about the other.  So here we go in 2012 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer.  I had no ideal how my whole world would be turned up side down, how four little words would flip my whole families lives also.  It was a whirl wind the days before my surgery are still such a blur.  I have had surgeries before but this one would be life changing in so many ways. After my surgery my incision got infected and along with having to go to get chemotherapy I had wound care. 

During Chemo to help my mind I would think about how school would look from that point on.  I was working and homeschooling on superhuman momentum that no person should want, but I craved.  I knew that my vision on our hom…