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Life With Teens !!!

I have a large gap between my oldest set to my next set of now teens... If you would have asked me back then if it was hard raising them, I would have said yes in its own right... But being honest it is much harder now, than with my older children. I see the daily challenges that this set of teens go through are worse than when I was a child or even their older siblings were teens and the temptations are out of this world. No matter the change here are some practical tips for raising teenagers that every God centered home can put into practice regardless of the generation. These are not in any certain order... as the thoughts that I came up with and put them down. Look at how they can be worked on just one at a time or at any time your together. Try to find one that you can start right away! Teenagers (You just have to love them)I love all of my children but I have to be honest....When my children get to be teens I become more focused on them being ready to be on their own... I try …