Math ( A love hate relationship)

Ok if I were to be honest  I hate Math..... And it has always a tough subject for me.  Over the years I have  spent so much time researching math curriculum and feel like I know alot  about each one. I have tried a new one off and on over my years of homeschooling! This year is a little different we are trying a whole new program which includes a whole new math I will let you know how it turns out!!   I pray we will be happy with our choice.  I am going to share the Math curriculum that I found easy and homeschool friendly, I hope that this might help you.

Singapore Math
This is a very popular choice for homeschoolers. I have used the K level & am buying 1st grade for next year. It is a very colorful picture approach to math and works well for my daughter. They have all levels (K-12).

Saxon Math
We tried this one with my son one year and it was not a good fit. I do know that many people use this curriculum with a lot of success. It is probably one of the more well known maths. They have K-high school levels.

This is an amazing FREE website that has videos to teach different Math (& other subjects) concepts. there are also practice lessons to help learn. I know lots of people use and love this site. Be sure to check it out


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