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As mothers, wives, sisters and friends there is
no question that our fast paced lives can leave us
feeling exhausted and depleted.  We must understand that
there is a season for everything.  Each one of our seasons can leave us
wondering how we're going to make it though
just one more day.  Unfortunately our seasons don't
work like earthly seasons every three our four months.
No our seasons come daily. weekly,  or monthly.  Each day we all find ourselves in a new
season to care for a crying child, a season to pray for or with a friend.
Through these seasons we need wisdom to know when to shoulder a certain season alone, when to delegate, and 
when to call on the Lord an cast our burden on him.
I'm sure each of us has had a day or time where we just had to have a good cry, wash our
face and move on in what ever season we are in at the time.  Understanding  that this season
at this time we must bare alone.  While at other times when were burdened beyond belief
a friend will…