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Homeschooling the special needs child....

As a mom homeschooling a few special needs children, I can
understand how challenging it can be.   Homeschooling any child
requires, sacrifice, patience, and unconditional love, but when a
child with special needs is in the mix triple all the above.   What
I've had to learn is that it is no easy task for my child who has the special need either.  Children with a special needs tend to be extra hard on their selves, and their self esteem is constantly being
put to the test. Some learning disabilities can  be  overcome with focused effort but there are so many that can only be managed.  The emotional drain on a parent helping to educate, inspire and encourage their child can be a heavy burden especially if your trying to do it sll on your own.

Those of us who have special children and who are walking in faith take comfort in knowing we are truly not alone. The Lord tells us in Matthew 11:28- 30 for us to come to him all of  us who are heavy laden and he will give us rest.  As parent…

Embracing change!

Change is a part of growth. Everyone changes and your spouse is no different. There Comes a time when you get to a point where you no longer recognize who the person is that you are in a relationship with the person you love more than anything, this is where the problem lies.

 You ask yourself how can someone change so dramatically to the point that you can't even recognize them.  I'm not going to lie to you... out of left field it seemed like my husband became someone else someone I didn't recognize. Some invisible line got crossed and I started to feel like his enemy or a very disinterested associate rather than his cherished partner and his friend.  I would like to think that this happened all of a sudden but in all honesty the  fact is it has been building over time. Our busy lives blinded us, we're thinking everything is fine and then the next moment all hell is breaking loose. If you're like me you're wondering what to do next in retrospect I could reall…

Wow time....Slow down!

These are my heart beats .....How they have grown,,,,I miss them being this age ....

The Tribe!

My little loves !!!

I'm a little Immature!

A few days ago my 9 old daughter Aniyah, was having a hard day she sometimes has trouble controlling her feelings. Yesterday was no different and she was feeling misunderstood and begin to have one of her famous Mini Tantrums. Her 12 year old brother Yeshe at this point was very annoyed and said God and now you're acting like a two-year-old! Like on key Aniyah said  "what do you expect i'm immature".
I couldn't help but laugh, because there are days when I wonder if I am immature also. Days when I am surly and snappy, to the people closest to me, days when I allow myself the triple brownie and then feel a little guilty about doing so.  You know the days when the words don't even pour out of onto my computer screen, days where student papers stay just where they are, days when my children wish I would just go back to bed and start all over. The days when my Bible seems too heavy for me to even take off my desk to open, days when I wonder if I'm 46 or 6. The…

Broken and weak!!

I'm broken.... I didn't want to believe how weak and broken I was, still am... I'm desperate to hear God,  to feel God, I cry out to him needing to be held by him.... My brokenness and weakness is deep and unforgiving.  I went to a women's conference today with my dear sister and friend Kit. If I told you about my friend you would move to Florida just to meet her. She has a way of speaking life into dead souls. So no different today she said to be open and wait for God.  True to Gods form and way, he met me at the conference right on cue. He met me in my weakness, he met me in my broken state. This wonderful speaker spoke of a love so great, so profound a love that breaks walls, and restores souls.  The speaker was speaking to hundreds but directly to me, she told me that God loved me so much,,,,She set a picture in motion of how he wanted me, yes me, broken me..... No one had ever wanted me.....It was almost to much to wrap my mind around..... He wanted me the person …

Oh well.....

I don't know about you but at times I get into a rut of trying to live up to the appearance I have created in my head  you know like (your kids need the perfect outfit, your hair needs to be perfectly styled, your house has to be eat off the floor clean..etc)? I think we have all been there and I know how really easy it is to get caught up in this type of cycle, mostly because in this day and age we are always on!! So today I sank to a new low, I Febreezed my son, ( secretly of course)!  in my defense teen age boys smell... bad.. Seriously, and they seem to oblivious to the fact.  At this age, they still gives me a hard time when it comes to taking the time to break and shower, as they grow soap and water have be become friends and they both need to meet you. So I figured it was time to make him smell better! If you can make a room smell better then it would be a easy job for my small human son....Right?? I refuse to take him with me and someone ask do you smell that? and me know…

Colleges that offer Free Tuition:

As parents we all dream of our children going to college and becoming a success . I have 11 children and that breaks down to 11 college tuition's..... Don't worry this might be the answer to our ability to provide the best secondary education, money can buy without breaking the bank. I pray this blesses you as it has my family.
Remember to start early in your application process giving you and your child enough time to put in a good application.
The Best Colleges Providing Free TuitionLooking for a free college or at least free tuition? A free college education isn’t the norm in the United States; however, many colleges, including some prestigious ones, provide free tuition and other financial assistance. College Student DebtIn 2011, due to the high cost of attending college, the total amount of American student loan debt was more than $1 trillion. About 25% of borrowers are behind on their loans. University of Wisconsin demographer Jason Houle finds students from middle-…