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Bitter Sweet!

My, I want to say middle child but in a family my size I have a few middles.....Any way Eliyah received his cap and gown today.....What a bitter sweet moment, on one hand I am so very proud of him.  Then there is that mommy part of me..... I am  looking at this handsome young man and remembering how this now 6 feet 132 pound gem started off at just barely 5 pounds .  He is such a sweetheart and has a spirit of gold.....I am excited for his next adventure .......Excited to see how God is going to work in his life and through his testimony......  As a mom to many boysit was important for me  to remember I was babysitting for God and raising someones husband.......

The plan

I have been playing for my own home. In this prayer I pray that I will be able to fix it up just the way I want. Understand that taking on a remodeling project will require a lot. Plans, materials, and experienced workers.  When reading the stiry if of Noah
which has been apart of my devotion this week.  I can see the undertaking, being no didferent than a build ir remodel.  Gid gave Noah a very detailed plan for the ark and how he would need to house his family
and all if Gods animals.  Yahweh told and in visions shiwed Noah how he wanted everything done.  He showed Noah how to collect the materials and gave instructions
On hiw tall, how wide, and how deep.  As
We read the story of Noah today we can surly see that Gid chose Noah and equipped him with all the skills and know how to complete the task at hand.
When God wants to get a job done , he calls the workers and he equipes them to ve able to do the job.  And depending on the job he also calls for help from others in his army, th…

Becoming Men of God!!!! (A right to passage)

God gave me 6 boys to raise, Aharown, Eliyah, Zachariyah, Shemayah and Amaziyah. Aharown is 24 years old and is already a man who loves God and displays his attributes often. Eliyah is such a God centered young man and at 17 years old, I am proud of the man he has become. He is honest, giving and will become a wonderful husband one day. Zachariyah is and loving spirit who enjoys giving, he is such a law keeper and I have enjoyed watching him grow into the young man he is today. Shemayah and Amaziyah are such sweethearts and I see that we are on the right path I have a male friend that was raised Hebrew / Jewish and when he reached the age of 12 he had a special ceremony that would allow him to go into man hood. Almost every culture in the world has something to mark the difference between a boy and a man. A boy goes through a “rite of passage,” after which he becomes officially a man. The rite of passage may involve an ordeal, a test, or a training period of some kind. In other c…