Our Year!! ( A small look at the tribes schedule)

Okay, I will share this with you.....Over the past years of homeschooling we've had an over all dance a rhythm to our madness.  Each year I have learned something and it has had a purpose in our classroom ... Well kind of,,, So I thought I would share how our yearly schedule looks like...  I would love to hear about your  yearly schedule!!
Summer: We homeschool year round.  The set up and overall look of our summer classes is in no way a comparison to our main yearly schedule. (But it works)
Fall: Well for good or bad I am a person of structure.  I use the first few weeks of any changed plan or schedule to find our rhythm.  This allows for adjustments and replanning.  I find this helps us in the end to become more productive for the rest of the year.
Winter: We don't do any of the winter holidays.  We've never done them and due to ever increasing materialistic aspect this is an obligation I am personally glade we never made.  We try to give a week or two though out the year for rest and personal development..
We also do co-ops and some oneline classes to help keep us on target and the childrens skills up to par.
I have written a blog about what movates me and in truth while writing this, It hits me like a brick well not that hard....But it did come to me....What keeps me going and motivates me is, I enjoy seeing my tribe growing and changing.
I know that times flys by so fast so.... I am going to enjoy this wonderful ride and embrace summer and change!!!


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