Homeschooling Motivation??

I have had the pleasure of homeschooling all 11 of our children.  Over the past 2 years I've been also fighting cancer and yes it has been a fight.  This alone has wreaked havoc on our homeschooling schedule.  Over these past two years I have struggled with my planning and have seriously considered enrolling all of the 7 left at home in public school.  I want  them to be the best and to say the least  I want them to be motivated about learning and education.  But as I plan our new school year I have to honest , how can I expect them to be excited and motivated when I have been so unmotivated.  I know it would be nice if I had the answer, but I don't...  Even though I have homeschooled for the past 18 years and if I must say so myself with some success.  I still find days, weeks, some times even months that I cant even muster motivation. But those days don't compare to the many days that I find my children deep in thought, with these deep inter smiles you can't buy.  The days where deep conversation about a lesson continues well past the time of the class.  The days of hugs and kisses, long lunches and happyly excited dinners.
So here goes....As much as we have trouble seeing the sun for the some time gray cloud all homeschool moms go through, You know the days when no matter what you do math just does not get done, or when the house looks like a big giant baby had a major tantrum. Even in those days our blessing sits in our mist.... We have the chance to bond with our children daily, weekly, monthly, even if math, writing or any subjects get done on time within our schedule....Its ok that  motivation might not be our super mom shield....... Knowing that we have the next day, week or even month's to move ahead and find the good days which out shine the bad, is our motivation.
So as we are all planning our next school year lets add to the schedule that no matter how dark that cloud gets...were ok because our motivating force is within hugging and kissing reach, so give your self a pat on your back.
Please write and share how you stay motivated!


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