Tired of Homeschooling ??

I sat with one of my best friends today and secretly we both wished school was over.  I  have been feeling this way for a while, something has not been working and we are all feeling it.  Between the sick days, hurricane days and just the regular I don't want to do school today days.  Our last evaluation let me know how we had done academically for the year. But, it also let me know what we NEEDED to do better a lot better.
This is the time of year when most homeschool moms are evaluating one way or another. And we all at some point ask ourselves the following questions:
What has been working?
What’s not?
How many days do we have in?
Are we behind? 
What could we do better? 

But, what if your evaluation as mine did just reiterates the fact that homeschooling just isn’t working?   Like me maybe you’ve been trying and things haven’t gotten easier, in fact on most days it is down right heartbreaking, 
The kids are miserable.
You’re miserable.
What do you do?
If you are like me,  I had to wonder again  if this was worth it... At times like this I have to go back to my why!  I felt like homeschooling was what I needed to. I wanted my children to have the very best and I knew that was me.  
Often as homeschooler's we must at times revaluate why we are homeschooling.  For me I started homeschooling because my now oldest was in the second grade, she was bright and bored, but she had so much potential and PS was not able to help me develop it.  For my other children once I started to see the benefit of what Mawshal was getting, I knew the others would do great also allow me to customize their learning.     If you are where I am take some time and look at the positives homeschooling has brought to your life. My children are much healthier, and most times happier.   Daily I make the decision to choose joy to get up daily and see just the good.   As with any thing if your mind thinks you have a way out you will never be settled. So first tell yourself (and your kids) you are ALL in.  Once you have determined to stay the course because it is in the best interest of your family, you may be surprised how quickly the mood in your home changes.
I find myself to at times to be just TOO busy to homeschool, Doctor appointments, working and lets not forget running a home.  Yes, I know children can learn anywhere, and books can be brought along. for the past two years we have been doing this.  But, realistically, how often does that work long term under normal circumstances?
Moms, it is up to US to ensure that we are not too busy to homeschool our children. This may mean seeing if we can cut back on some commitments.   When we are too busy we get  burnt out, our children's classes gets put on the back burner, and everything starts to fall behind.  
Some of my homeschooling friends have put their children back in public school. Homeschooling was not working for them in their season of life. Some pulled their children back out and are homeschooling successfully again. Some have children still in public school and the children are thriving. Some have one child in public school and others who are homeschooled. Homeschooling is not a one size fits all.
If this is where you right now, I encourage you to pray God has an answer just for you. Talk to your children.Talk to your spouse, Talk to another homeschool mom. Take some time and determine together what is the best situation for you and your family.
Homeschool moms need support. All the time, but especially when things just aren’t working well. If this is you,  take some time to regroup, let the children do special projects, Pray. Take some time to yourself.
If you have a homeschool friend who is going through a rough time, hug her neck. If she is considering throwing in the towel, LISTEN to her. Don’t discourage her. Offer to pray with her. 
When homeschooling is not working that is the time we most need each other. Let’s lift one another up, not tear each other down. Let’s choose to encourage one another today. Because we all have our turn.  So lets be there for each other.


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