Loving the Silence

I tell my children daily that there is no such thing as a child of Yahweh being spiritually deaf.  Even the unsaved have the ability to hear Yahweh if they want.  This has been my deepest struggle for many years, and I  wanted to keep this from being a major obstacle for my children as they grow in their walk with the lord. I wanted them to learn early on that the Lords voice is small, tender and we must at times be silent to hear his direction. When I was in college I learned to work in in noise, even as a mother I learn to function in ear shattering noise, But unlike college or my very active house to hear God peace and quiet is a must.

To hear God we must prepare our hearts and as mother's this has to be in our lesson plans for our children. We have to teach them to allow Yahweh to speak to us and through us. God uses each of us and yes he even uses our children (shocker right) .

Hearing God speak is not always natural  and if were having a hard time believe me our sweet little ones are.

Here is what I did I made time to turn off the T.V. , the game system, tablets and  give social media a rest.  I had to introduce my self and my children to the silence where God lives and speaks to our very enter soul.    


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