Changing Who?

Have you ever felt like a failure in your marriage.?  How has your husband failed you? How have you failed your husband ?  How have you failed yourself?  How does grace and faith change things?

So today let us look inward and ask our selves some very difficult questions.  List 1 thing you love about your husband,  Has your husband made a life choice that has been hard for you to live with?

How does remembering what true love is help you in tough time?   Over the life of our very long marriage there have been many times that I have been very frustrated with alot of my husbands actions.  I truly believed at major hard times in our marriage that if I prayed hard enough, long enough, I would change my husband.  Well after 28 years of marriage I can tell you many things haven't changed. 
Does that mean that my prayer different work? No not at all.....Over the years more than once I thought I could feel, hear God telling me that it was not me that would change him....But if willing God would and could change me.  Talking about what was wrong with my husband or what was wrong in our relationship ws so much easier and much more justifying than it should have been.  What I couldn't see was that this simple act alone kept me from growing as a chid of Yahweh and as a wife , mother and friend. I started praying for Yahweh to help me see my husband as he sees him.  I found that truly looking in my heart and seeking God first waas the beginning of the first of many changes that the Lord seeks from me. 

Change is alot like love neither happens over night, but with faith the Lord will change me  and my heart will follow.......


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