Dolls not just child's play!!

My daughter Aniyah loves dolls, all kind of dolls. We all know as parents  child development, and playtime are serious and they go hand in hand.   I don't know about you but I love to see how my daughters imagination and personality come's through as she plays with her dolls.  
When my daughter is wrapping her doll in her “favorite” blanket, or dressing her doll for day care, or playing like her doll is her daughter and is having to get ready for bed I see both an act of imaginative play and also a  practice run at real life, human understanding and true outward kindness.  The love for dolls by little girls can be seen across cultures and is likely the ultimately reason why dolls are a global phenomenon.( Barbie will never die only evolve)  

When I hear my daughter in her room playing with her dolls and even before she has said a word to me or her father .....I can tell how her day has gone, just by the interactive play from her room with her dolls. Children use toys to recreate realistic scenarios and my daughter Aniyah is no different.  Aniyah's dolls have filled in for friends, helped her work out both sides of every conversation she might one day have,  they help her  feel safe learning about communication, problem solving, and empathy for others along the way.

Unlike when I was a little girl dolls now come in all shapes, sizes and nationality even though they had been modernized and optimized and physically altered. I am thankful that my daughters dolls reflect the world that she is growing up in and will live in the future.  But with all that being said, dolls are the one technology that needs no disruption. A doll is the one toy that works well because Aniyah needs no instructions, even as a baby with her very first doll she knew what do and understand just how to use them.

My sons laugh at me when I go to pick Aniyah out a doll for a gift it takes me a while.  It is not just getting her a doll but I also am looking for a doll that will create a positive impression in my daughters world. Helping her become more open to other races and nationality of people because she sees her dolls as family, thus creating a social lesson. 
Aniyah has never seen her dolls as toys but rather members of her circle an object of her affection. Dolls my be simple in design but they  create worlds in a profound way through the eyes of a little girl.

Dolls offer me an inherent benefit, it allows me to use Aniyah's dolls as a teaching tool an opportunity for a specific learning goal. 
So when your daughter begs you for another doll be open and see this as a critical learning step, an important part of your daughters development, 


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