Oh well.....

I don't know about you but at times I get into a rut of trying to live up to the appearance I have created in my head  you know like (your kids need the perfect outfit, your hair needs to be perfectly styled, your house has to be eat off the floor clean..etc)? I think we have all been there and I know how really easy it is to get caught up in this type of cycle, mostly because in this day and age we are always on!! So today I sank to a new low, I Febreezed my son, ( secretly of course)!  in my defense teen age boys smell... bad.. Seriously, and they seem to oblivious to the fact.  At this age, they still gives me a hard time when it comes to taking the time to break and shower, as they grow soap and water have be become friends and they both need to meet you. So I figured it was time to make him smell better! If you can make a room smell better then it would be a easy job for my small human son....Right?? I refuse to take him with me and someone ask do you smell that? and me knowing good and well it could be him.. Just saying.. 🙂


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