Broken and weak!!

I'm broken.... I didn't want to believe how weak and broken I was, still am... I'm desperate to hear God,  to feel God, I cry out to him needing to be held by him.... My brokenness and weakness is deep and unforgiving.  I went to a women's conference today with my dear sister and friend Kit. If I told you about my friend you would move to Florida just to meet her. She has a way of speaking life into dead souls. So no different today she said to be open and wait for God.  True to Gods form and way, he met me at the conference right on cue. He met me in my weakness, he met me in my broken state. This wonderful speaker spoke of a love so great, so profound a love that breaks walls, and restores souls.  The speaker was speaking to hundreds but directly to me, she told me that God loved me so much,,,,She set a picture in motion of how he wanted me, yes me, broken me..... No one had ever wanted me.....It was almost to much to wrap my mind around..... He wanted me the person who has trouble trusting... Me....
I wanted to believe her, I wanted to believe the many God fearing women like Kit, Olivia and many others whom God has placed in my path.  My life has been consumed almost engulfed  searching for a father I have read about, heard about but have yet trusted myself.  It was hard to understand that I was going to get to know my father in my weakness, in my brokenness is where I was going to find YESHUA.... In my weakness is where I would be healed.  God was there today, where he had always been, caring me, holding me .  His strength is will give me grace..... My weakness is an opportunity to grow for me to learn to rest in his undying love.   I learned to day that I need  Gods love to invade my heart, and heal my soul to comfort me, like only a father love can.

So sisters, no matter where you are, who you are just like God met me he'll meet you.....Right where you are, no mater the time, God's right there waiting, arms open a=waiting with grace, love and a undying fatherly strength.... Try him...


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