I'm a little Immature!

A few days ago my 9 old daughter Aniyah, was having a hard day she sometimes has trouble controlling her feelings. Yesterday was no different and she was feeling misunderstood and begin to have one of her famous Mini Tantrums. Her 12 year old brother Yeshe at this point was very annoyed and said God and now you're acting like a two-year-old! Like on key Aniyah said  "what do you expect i'm immature".
I couldn't help but laugh, because there are days when I wonder if I am immature also. Days when I am surly and snappy, to the people closest to me, days when I allow myself the triple brownie and then feel a little guilty about doing so. 
You know the days when the words don't even pour out of onto my computer screen, days where student papers stay just where they are, days when my children wish I would just go back to bed and start all over. The days when my Bible seems too heavy for me to even take off my desk to open, days when I wonder if I'm 46 or 6. The New Year's here and it's moving fast we're already in February. A new year is a perfect time to remind myself/ ourselves that live like a calendar keeps moving forward and it slows for No One. 
Unfortunately we can't call the years back and there will always be times when we feel like we don't measure up I do daily. I don't make New Year's resolutions I make small private goals instead,and my first one is always the same I want to be more like my father.  For this to happen and for me to fulfill some of this goal the following has to happen. 
1)  I have to control my tongue,
2)  I have to Shield my mind 
3)  I have to keep his words in my heart daily. 
Once I master the above I will then be able to say I've matured. Colossians 14:20 .

Lord this year help me and others grow and your ways, help us to mature spiritually as we spread your word in Truth and Love help us show only your image.


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