A God Guided Home School !

When we started home schooling 19 years ago it was with the perception that it would be "school" (just at home), with a neat little class room, organized to the tee. Over the last few years, we have learned that "school" is not confined to a room (for sure) and a time . Home schooling is a vital, growing aspect of family life.
Helping children learn about their-self, their family, the world around them; all are very important but them getting to know God and His awesome plans for them in His world takes the top award.
I began home schooling with the idea that I would teach our children, things the public school was no longer offering, things I had been taught at their age. I truly believe that God makes no mistakes, in believing this God continues to teach me that true education is not merely facts, formulas, dates, or field trips. True education is seeing that these things are part of God's plan, created to help us begin to know Him, to help us build a relationship with him.  True education is a lifelong journey, available to anyone willing to follow his plan and learn.
When we began our home school journey a little while ago, home schooling was not as main streamed as it has become over the years. There was not as much information and we became easily overwhelmed by all the very limited amount of  information, advice, curriculum choices, methods, learning styles and lets not forget teaching styles . . . in fact, the more I read about home schooling, the less competent I felt about teaching.
Over the years we have heard speakers explain that parents are the most qualified to teach their children — even without formal degrees!  We can teach them because God provides parents with all we need  to teach and care for the gifts he has given us.  All he requires is that we be still and follow his word. how true, and how wonderful it is to know and understand that someone has a plan.
As with any plan we must continually go to Him with our questions and be willing to sit and wait to hear His voice and take the advice. once given.   God is the only expert worthy of our full attention because he alone created the precious children that we are trying to teach, and he knows best how they will learn.
Their are lots of resources around and they each have a way of explaining the hows and whys of home schooling. One of the most important  resources is your local support group, local co-ops and different mom groups. Read, observe, and listen to the advice of others with experience.
But please remember not to compare your vgood day, bad days, or areas of weakness, with another family's area of success: it brings despair and it clouds reality. Remember home schooling is a marathon not a race.
I wish I had known earlier that there is more than just one right curriculum, and more than just one right way to home school. It is OK to change your plan as you and your family grow.
I have often crawled along this part of the journey because of my unwillingness to let go of my "to do" lists ( take note I said lists).  Some days lead us in a totally different direction than we had planned: a friend has a pressing need, illness strikes, fatigue overwhelms, a doorbell announces a surprise visit, or we wrestle with a math concept and then with each other!
Whatever the detour, when I remember to trust God to know what to put in and take out of each day, and to yield to His plan. it all turns out ok any way!   Trusting God to order each day brings peace and greater satisfaction to all my many lists.....Try it...
What is your destination, what is your prize? When we began the journey of home schooling 19 years ago, our first goal was to get through the year with good grades and children who still were breathing and alive.   We have since realized that academics will come with daily diligence
I heard the other day that life here on earth is simply "boot camp" for eternity. A lifetime of learning is what we have been given, each of us being home schooled by our parent God.
Proverbs 3:5-6 has been described as God's compass for life. It is a practical travel guide for the journey of home schooling as well. It says:
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


Amy said…
Beautiful, Que! I needed to hear so much of this as I'm struggling with one of my kiddos and their 'different' learning style! Miss talking to you every Friday! I hope all is well for you!

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