Do you feel behind!!

I am always feeling like I am a little behind in our homeschool!  It is a feeling that I am sure most homeschool moms fall prey to at some point..... that nagging notion that we are always behind...that we're racing against the community school, friends who homeschool, and those that don't.  I am always in a desperate attempt to get caught up  ( To whom or what I have no ideal). In someways I think it is the systems of education that I fight to be up to target with....... Each year the educational system changes and in turn parents feel the pressure I feel the pressure,..... Public school students in Kindergarden are now required to know 60 sight words.....So endirectly I felt the pressure for my own Kindergarder to know 60 sight words... I want to be apart from the system but subconsciously I hold myself to the same standards as the educational system....Crazy right !!  Each  month I'm taunted with everyday reminders of how little time I have left and how far behind I feel my children are, and how much they still need to learn.... Almot weekly I have this thought that if I just push them more, or if I could just stick to my well thought out and well ordered plan...We could get through the year on target.....
Over the paast few years due to my health I have had to ask myself some honest questions and deal with the answers.   The part of my brain the thinks I have to keep up with the local school down the street, my friends in co -op  or friends in public school.   I feel bad that I let all of these things quide me rather than allowing my childrens natural gifts, passions, abilities or weaknesses for that matter steer my year. a   I pray to get to a point where I understand that educating my children is marathon not a race there will be ups and downs but failure only comes if I stop trying.

I have to get to a point where I realize that we're not behind.......In fact I have to get to a point of understanding of how could we be behind it is each one of my childrens own individulazed journey.

So over the next few months my mission is to cast off the chains of others goals and pay attention to my children and their journey.   I am going to work at allowing my children and their natural abilities to determine how fast or how slow we move... We're not behinf nor have we ever been.


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