Homeschooling the special needs child....

As a mom homeschooling a few special needs children, I can
understand how challenging it can be.   Homeschooling any child
requires, sacrifice, patience, and unconditional love, but when a
child with special needs is in the mix triple all the above.   What
I've had to learn is that it is no easy task for my child who has the special need either.  Children with a special needs tend to be extra hard on their selves, and their self esteem is constantly being
put to the test. Some learning disabilities can  be  overcome with focused effort but there are so many that can only be managed.  The emotional drain on a parent helping to educate, inspire and encourage their child can be a heavy burden especially if your trying to do it sll on your own.

Those of us who have special children and who are walking in faith take comfort in knowing we are truly not alone. The Lord tells us in Matthew 11:28- 30 for us to come to him all of  us who are heavy laden and he will give us rest.  As parents of special little  our much needed refuge is found only in our faith.  Homeschooling children with special needs is one of the most effective ways to successfully teach them and God gives us the knowledge and understanding to allow our children to thrive under our love and care .

Prayer :

Than you father for instilling in me exactly what is needed to create the environment to educate this very special  gift you have entrusted me with.  I  will seek the shelter of your strong towers when I feel over whelmed and burdened In your sons holy name Aman......


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