I had the pleasure to go with our churcha as a group to see this movie! OMG is all I can say.....This is not your regular God based spiritual movie.  Now don't get me wrong it is very, very spritual and oh does it speak of Gods ability to change things through prayer!  What it does so wonderfully is use humor and real life issues to show God. This movie talked to me in such manners,  I left wanting all my friends to see this well written script.  I also left wanting a war room!   I have put the ad for this movie below. If you have not seen this move take your husband and make it a date night you will not regret it!!

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Prayer is a powerful weapon.”
The Kendrick brothers, who brought you “Fireproof” and “Courageous,” are back with a new theme to their film ministry: prayer. Their latest venture is called “War Room.” This drama posits that prayer is a battlefield. It tells the story of Tony and Elizabeth Jordan. They have all the material possessions of a successful family. Tony (T.C. Stalling) is a successful salesman in a pharmaceutical company. Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) has a good career in real estate. Along with good jobs, they have a nice house and a beautiful daughter. Beneath the surface, however, their marriage is in trouble. The relationship is steeped in distrust and disloyalty. Tony keeps Elizabeth in the dark about what is happening in his life, which leads to Elizabeth having feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment.
While the marriage is in a severe strain, Elizabeth meets a new client, Miss Clara, a quirky elderly woman who speaks her mind. Their meeting is what changes Elizabeth’s life. Miss Clara introduces Elizabeth to her “war room,” which is a prayer closet. Miss Clara teaches Elizabeth how to pray in the war room and how to bring her troubles to the Lord God.
Elizabeth feels hopeless. She has been trying to keep her marriage and her family together on her own strength. When she meets Miss Clara, she learns how to rely on God’s strength. Like Jesus’ example from the Bible, Miss Clara shows Elizabeth new wineskins to pour her marriage into, instead of the old wineskins that she was using. Elizabeth thinks that she is going to help a new client put her house up for sale, but instead, her client helps her get a renewed marriage. Once Elizabeth starts to pray, her life and her marriage are turned upside down.


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