Home school Class Rooms!!

I have been homeschooling for such a long time, and when I started having a homeschool class room was not on my list.  Over the years and as my need of organization increased it has become a need in my home.  What I have learned is that  creating a homeschool class room isn’t that hard.   To be   honest if your not like me and your child have constant projects, all you need is a place to write and a place to keep the books.  With that being said, I’ve learned over the years how to create a great homeschooling space.  With many fails and a lot of trial and error.   Creating a learning inspired classroom is really simple.  
When I first started homeschooling we were living in California in a small home.  My bright ideal was to use a back storage area, my mistake was it was to small.  We all felt like we were on top of each other and it was stuffy in the summer and freezing in the winter.  Half way through and with the pure need for peace I moved us all to the kitchen table, we all were able to breath.
What I have learned is to make your classroom functional and child friendly!  Because I have so many I have to make sure that the desk are not too close together, that the room is not to hot or to cold. Allow each child their own work space.  Younger children like to hang their handy work and educational posters are always a plus.  I use to have each child with their own desk, I now have opted for a table to all sit together.   Creating a comfortable, livable homeschooling classroom might mean using the family room, or giving up the formal dining room non of which I wanted to do.   I really need to be able to pack it all away or close a door on “school”, if you live in a small space you may have to embrace your homeschooling lifestyle, and learn to live with maps and timelines as living room d├ęcor, which I did for years.
When we began homeschooling, we simply used the kitchen table.  However, as homeschoolers we we’re eating three meals a day at home-  and that kitchen table was always on Double duty.  It quickly became an annoying burden to bot me and the children to pack up our lessons and projects every time we got hungry.  My kindergartner also couldn’t work comfortably at the big table, and I would often find her standing on her chair in order to reach her paper or desperately trying to reach supplies in the middle of the table from her booster chair.  No wonder she was struggled with basic concepts!

Over the years I have became very modern in my  homeschooling thoughts…. A lot of our homeschool classes  involve technology of some sort.   My older two sons do a lot of Virtual School which are conducted entirely online, while my  other children use the internet more for research and practice learning.   I have found many apps on our tablet, for math practice and reading.   Other technology I use a lot would be: my DVR and DVD player, eReader, and an MP3 player for audio books and music files.

I loved reading blogs, and now surfing Pinterest, I enjoy looking at other moms ideals and thoughts. But I have learned over time that what works for one might not work for me.  Why ?  We are all so unique and our teaching styles so different, so our class rooms should be an expression of who we are as a family
Make YOUR CLASS ROOM work for you!
I’d love to hear about some of your homeschool classroom:  Please share in the comments!


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