As we continue on our topic of a healthy happy marriage and relationship our next key is the foundation to everything else. Communication, Communicate well talk about things everything the good and the bad. build your trust because once you lose trust in each other you'll never get it back and to do so will take a lot of work to rebuild the foundation. be honest, be truthful, be faithful, and be there for each other no matter what.make time for each other. marriage is a lot of work and you won't always be happy but wake up Daily asking what you can do today  tob make it better than the day before.  If you are continually doing things that offending or hurt your partner you have to be honest and ask yourself are you ready for a true relationship! Relationships are based on alot of give and take and compromise. If we want to speak biblically there are a hundred of different scriptures that I can give you about the martiage relationship that must be preserved between a husband and a wife.  Putting time and effort into those areas is what will pay off in the end!


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