So my loved one is an addit!

No one plans on their loved ones becoming an addict?  It just happens somehow, somewhere out of the blue for some and by genetic default for others. Even though we can understand that our loved ones who have become addicts are struggling with issues that they can't handle alone.  But the human side of us still has the whys, whens, and hows that invade our thoughts and sway our emotions.  The constant questions of why can't they just stop using.  When is enough going to be enough? How could they do this if they loved us? Addiction comes with many faces it could present as prescription drugs, street drugs,  or alcohol and in many cases all the above. The Problem is as they struggle so do their loved ones, spouses, children, parents, and even friends. It is so important for those who loves someone who Struggles with drug abuse these are some signs to watch for does the person in question sleeping more or have irregular sleeping hours (not due to change in job, medication, or li

A day in Que's world ! (Homeschool / working mom)

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A WORKING HOMESCHOOL MOM So life is crazy enough just trying to homeschool throw a job in the mix and the fun really starts... LOL  So I thought it would be interesting to give everyone a peek into this craziness I call life.  So I will be sharing what a typical school day looks like for us with my work schedule included. Make sure you customize your schedule to fit your family best. MORNINGS Wake up by 6  – 7 I get up first and wake the children. The kids take a kong time to get.  To help with mornings we lay out everything out at night. I try to also prep for breakfast the night before also.  7-7:45 – We  ge t dressed and are on the road by 7:20.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday breakfast is on the  road and consists of stuff like yogurt/ granola, fruit, pop-tarts ( don't judge I try to buy the all-natural ones). Three days a week I teach at a local private school.  My 5 youngest take classes there and I treat it like a co-op form them and me!     

vision boards

A homeschool vision board is the same as a personal vision board.  The main difference between a personal vision board and a homeschool board is it will be about the vision you have for each of your children and the vision you have for your school. A  vision board  is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a  vision board  is any sort of  board  on which you display images that represent whatever you want to work on, goals for each of your children, your self, or things you want for your school. The human imagination is powerful, but it works like a muscle. For most of us, that power remains potential power and it's never fully utilized. A vision board allows you to  exercise  your imagination regularly, creating a more vivid vision of your ideal homeschool life as you develop your ability to make your visions, tangible and the benefits attainable. You'll need: a posterboard, cork board or small canvas. a s

Family Manual!!

8 children and two adults populate my home, which means that we buy a lot of groceries, make a lot of meals, do a lot of laundry, clean a lot of floors, homeschool daily, pack a lot of lunches -- you get the picture. There's a lot to do. And even if your family can fit in a sedan which we can not, there's still a lot of work involved in raising a family. I don't know about you, but being the only  person in the family who knows how to do everything is very tiresome.   I believe that others in my home should also share the knowledge of how to operate complicated machinery like a toaster, a washer, and the bathroom sink. So I decided to approach my home life as I would a client project: I created a home Operations Manual. From the get-go, I set out to create a Operations Manual, at first I packaged it in a navy blue three-ring binder. If I had called it "Mom's Journal" or "Family Planner" or anything else, and if I had chosen a prettier binde

Tired of Homeschooling ??

I sat with one of my best friends today and secretly we both wished school was over.  I  have been feeling this way for a while, something has not been working and we are all feeling it.  Between the sick days,  hurricane days and just the regular I don't want to do school today days.  Our last  evaluation let me know how we had done academically for the year. But, it also let me know what we NEEDED to do better a lot better. This is the time of year when most homeschool moms are evaluating one way or another. And we all at some point ask ourselves the following questions: What has been working? What’s not? How many days do we have in? Are we behind?   What could we do better?  But, what if your evaluation as mine did just reiterates the fact that homeschooling just isn’t working?   Like me maybe you’ve been trying and things haven’t gotten easier, in fact on most days it is down right heartbreaking,  The kids are miserable. You’re miserable. What do yo

Homeschooling Amaziyah !!!

I made a statement on facebook yesterday that homeschooling my youngest son Amaziyah is about as hard as herding cats! ( No Joke) Amaziyah (Ami)  is such a strong willed child .  I use to ask my self  what I had did to be blessed with such a strong willed child . Ami sincerely believes that the world was created for him and revolves around him.  It took me a while to understand that this was just Ami and he was born this way.  I truly believe that most strong willed children like Ami grow uo to be natural born leaders. I guess I can't complain much  because I was the same way, I had an extra dose of well everything.  Ami is made of the same thread.  He has always had an extra dose of confidence and vision, but oh my God combine those two things with his age, lack of wisdom, experience and understanding and most days i have the perfect melt down or major storm depending on the day and time.  The funny thing is he truly does believe that he has everything under control and all fig
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